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Maharaja is one of the leading manufactures of best quality Wires, Cables & Switches in India.

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We strive to ensure the best quality through extensive in-house and third-party testing, with strict adherence to our product specification and industry standards. From designing the product-to-procuring best raw materials and controlling the quality of manufacturing –it is a Culture for us.

Our Promise

Maharaja is committed to manufacture Quality and cost effective products to satisfy our wide range of customers and ensure timely supplies. We strive as a team for continual improvements in all areas of operations with regular reviews aimed at total customer satisfaction. In brief Maharaja not only promises but delivers. Quality and time have been essence of our supplies to wide ranging satisfied customers.


Our Company is ISO Certified & all products are ISI certified.

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Our Popular Products

Multi-strand Wires & Cables

Stranded wires are composed of number of small wires rounded or wrapped together to form a longer conductor.

Maharaja Twisted Flexible P.V.C Wire

This type of wires are twisted together for the purpose of improvising electro magnetic compatibility compared to single conductor or an untwisted wires.

Maharaja Submersible Cable

Aluminium P.V.C wires is largely used by domestic, commercial & industrial feeders. Available sizes are 2.5 SQMM, 4.0 SQMM & 6.0 SQMM.

Maharaja Metal Box Plates - Eco

Maharaja Wood Box + Metal Box Plates - Italic

Maharaja Wood Box + Metal Box Plates - Bold


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Superb, highly recommended, Best Quality Product & best for commercial use also.
Mahesh Rao
Good quality copper and PVC rather than other brands.
Brijesh Mahajan
Maharaja wires don't catch fire, and also don't have heating problems. It is the best quality product in India.
Hitesh Singh
Best quality product specially for industrial purpose. High recommended to all. Thanks.
Raghav Rathod